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A note to presenters:

My name is Kirk Hanser, and I've been performing as a solo guitarist or ensemble member for almost 30 years. I'd like to tell you a bit about what I do, with the hopes that you might find me to be a "fit" for your upcoming concert season...

I realize that (generally) a presenter can sell one of two things, those being 1) the artist, or 2) their concert program. A couple of points on this matter:


First, a presenter once told me, "I can sell two guitar-related things to my audience: Spanish Guitar, or John Williams playing Spanish Guitar!"


All jokes aside, the guitar world is a niche market, and perhaps most general audiences - non-guitar society audiences - are really only familiar with Spanish music being played on the guitar. Because of this - and as an example of "program flexibility!" - I always have a nice set of Spanish pieces in my repertoire, and am happy to insert this into any program.


Secondly, I always assume that audiences will not have heard of me.

dreyfus_Kirk in Metz_2.2014_final.jpg

In Metz, FR. Photo by Dreyfus and Assoc., St. Louis, MO 

Spanish - solo

Fine by me - I have the mindset that I am only as good as my last concert, and have no problem with "proving" myself night after night. This attitude, along with a solid program (and stories) can go a long way toward making someone feel like this was "a Saturday night well-spent!"

I'm more than happy to avail myself for any radio, television, print, or internet interviews in the weeks/months prior to the concert that you feel would help with publicity.


I do this because I want my performance to be a win-win, for both your organization and for myself. Need CDs sent out to local radio stations? High-quality pictures sent to area papers? Done, and done. 


Again, while I do have a planned concert program, there is flexibility in some parts. I DO want the input of you and your board - the people who know your audience the best. We can work together to build a program that your audience can relate to and enjoy, and yet still be musically strong!

My repertoire gives me broad appeal. Many seasons, I enjoy programming music on the steel-string guitar, as I don't believe that the nylon string guitar has a total and unquestionable grip on "great art music".  

A sampling of the organizations that have hired me include:

  • The Sheldon Concert Hall's Classics Series (St. Louis)

  • The Allegro Guitar Society's Great Artist Series (Dallas/Ft. Worth)

  • The South Bay Guitar Society's Concert Series (San Francisco)

  • The Guitar Foundation of America International Conference (Oberlin)

  • The Chet Atkins Appreciation Society Festival (Nashville)

  • The Paris Conservatory of Music and Dance (Paris, FR)

  • The Bordeaux Conservatory of Music (Bordeaux, FR)

  • The Zobel Gitarrenschule Wilhemkirche Series (Bad Nauheim, GR)

Please take a moment to view some of my videos. If you are interested learning more, or in booking either me or my duo, please contact me:


phone: 314-602-8460

Click on logo for more information.

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Missouri presenters: Note that you can take full advantage of the Touring Artists Express Grant offered through the Missouri Arts Council when booking me OR the duo!

Contemporary - solo

South American - solo

Spanish - duo

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