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Casual Events

"Kirk was accommodating, patient, and calming. The music that he selected and played was wonderful. He will be my first selection on any future events. 5 stars out of 5!"

- Bob via


Asturius (Leyenda) - Kirk Hanser
Bensusan - Kirk Hanser
The music is for these gatherings seeks to follow the mood of your guests rather than create it.  For these events, the guitar and its music is not necessarily "featured", but is there to enhance the experience for your guests.  This is a great choice, whether you're hosting a wine tasting, a cocktail hour, or a special dinner.

With 500 years of guitar music, transcriptions and arrangements to draw from, there is simply too much music to list here.  In a typical event setting, music is chosen from a variety of styles including pop, jazz, classical, and contemporary styles.  
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